Leaking showers can attract white ants and carpenter ants.

As these ants are attracted to water.

If you have termites or carpenter ants in your home it may be a result of water leaks from a leaking shower.

A large percentage of water leaks in the home are caused from a shower that needs sealing rather than a plumbing leak.

A standard showerhead uses about 15 to 25 litres of water per minute - “ A three star rated water efficient showerhead uses as little as 6 or 7 litres per minute”. A 20 minute Shower can use 120 to 500 litres of water. If 0.1 % of that water leaks from your shower that is 1.2 to 5 litres of water escaping into your home potentially damaging carpets, flooring structural timbers and  paintwork etc.






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